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Trends Point to “Disruption” of HigherEd Model

In the latest Chronicle of Higher Ed, Jeff Selingo writes on recent progress towards the disruption of traditional credentials models. Examples include Stanford and MIT. http://www.linkedin.com/news?actionBar=&articleID=5568398261653348360&ids=0Rdz0Uc3gSdPcQc3oNc3oTdzkRb30ScPwQcPcRdz4SczwVcPwSdjkIej4VdPwPcP0UdPgQe3AMejoRdiMRd3sVdP0McPkQe3sVcPsUdzkRb34Sc3gNcPcNe3wOejkQejsSdjkIdzgUe30Md3kQczcQd3cQejoRdiMSd3kMej4RdPsMe3AOdjoTdzkR&aag=true&freq=weekly&trk=eml-tod2-b-pub-5&ut=38P7HkAVnqKR41&_mSplash=1 Advertisements

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Massive Eduventures Study Confirms Student Demand for Hybrid Learning

There is no lack of anecdotal information on the rising demand for — and value of — blended learning. ¬†Eduventures has recently backed this up with solid research on the mismatch beween student demand and available programs: [T]he Eduventures survey … Continue reading

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