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I have been an education technology practitioner for over a decade. This blog is a personal experiment with playing the role of observer. We'll see if I can pull it off without getting back into the fray.

Advising in a New Media World — The Next Frontier

As education is increasingly mediated through technology, how can we provide a model for advising that can keep pace?  In a related discussion on pedagogy, the structure of the opportunity was framed by Terry Anderson and Jon Dron: McLuhan 1964 … Continue reading

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Chronicle Profiles 12 Tech Innovators in HigherEd

Among the 12 tech innovators honored by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Candace Thille at Carnegie Mellon University stands out for the real pact she is having on the higher education model. Her work is improving education quality by using … Continue reading

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Trends Point to “Disruption” of HigherEd Model

In the latest Chronicle of Higher Ed, Jeff Selingo writes on recent progress towards the disruption of traditional credentials models. Examples include Stanford and MIT.

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Peer Certification via “Open Badges” Attracting Attention from MIT, Chronicle

The Chronicle of Higher Eduction takes a look at this rising popularity of “Open Badges” for certification.  MIT has been an active supporter, as well as the MacArthur Foundation, but according to the Chronicle, But the biggest push for badges … Continue reading

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Will Open Education Turn the Corner in 2012?

The “open revolution” in higher education — much anticipated in 2010 — finally began taking root in 2011.  Some observers, including Paul Stacey at BC have anointed 2011  “The Year of Open”: It’s not just publications, research, theses and other … Continue reading

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MIT Will Offer Certificates to Outside Students Who Take Its Online Courses – Technology – The Chronicle of Higher Education

MIT accelerates the online course arms race among elite universities.  Starting in spring 2012, students who participate in MIT’s free online courses will have the opportunity to receive a certificate of completion from MIT: Millions of learners have enjoyed the … Continue reading

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Can Facebook Make You Smarter?

Sarah Cargill on the GettingSmart blog features a new infographic from the clever folks at showing the impact of Facebook on higher education.  Some tidbits: 1) College who are actively engaged Facebook are more likely to graduate 2) Less … Continue reading

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Hybrid Education – A Highly Flexible Form Of Schooling By Ross Whiting

From Hybrid education refers to a form of teaching that combines regular online training with less frequent or occasional on-campus classes… People who lack the time and financial resources to take up a course in a regular institution would … Continue reading

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Onsite and Online learning: A Meaningful Distinction Any Longer? in WCET Frontiers

From Trent Batston for WCET Frontiers: The presumption that students in a completely online course cannot have the real-life social interactions and informal learning opportunities is, ironically, an unreal argument.  Imaginatively designed courses leverage the experiences learners have wherever they … Continue reading

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Free is Free: Popular Standford ComSci & Entrepreneurship Classes

With barricades blocking the registrar’s offices at UC Davis & Berkeley, online education may be the only way some of us get to class this spring.  Just in time, Stanford has put some of its most popular entrepreneurship classes online…for … Continue reading

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