The 6%ers: Startup Veterans Launch K12 Incubator

A new group has joined the K12 Incubator club, ImagineK12. Like Startl, they are providing guidance and seed funding in exchange for a 6% stake in participating ventures.

From Techcrunch:

The company is called Imagine K12. Like Y Combinator it will hunt for very early stage startups, give them enough funding to get through a few months of coding, and mentor them along the way. Each startup will receive $15,000 – $20,000 and give up an average of 6% of its equity. It’s a model that continues to work very well for Y Combinator. Ralston (pictured right) is joined by cofounders Tim Brady (left), previously CEO of education startup QuestBridge, and Alan Louie (center), who helped create

The education community needs new approaches like this. Thanks guys!


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I have been an education technology practitioner for over a decade. This blog is a personal experiment with playing the role of observer. We'll see if I can pull it off without getting back into the fray.
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