In Context: The Debate Over Distance Learning Regulation

The debate over regulations of distance learning in heating up. I ran across this Chronicle story from 2009 (!) about

[A] fresh attempt to reconcile the desires of a booming cross-border online-education industry with the need to protect consumers from shady online operators and resolve their complaints…[The] meeting…underscored how this subject can inspire brass-knuckled educational politics, accusations of selective enforcement, and discomfort with for-profit education.

New online programs at “brick and mortar” for-profit and non-profit schools are at serious risk of closure if the cost of state-by-state registration is too high.


About bskluger

I have been an education technology practitioner for over a decade. This blog is a personal experiment with playing the role of observer. We'll see if I can pull it off without getting back into the fray.
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